Rosacea in Men

rosacea in menMore women suffer from rosacea than men. However, rosacea management may be extra difficult for men compared to women. Men with rosacea are forced to follow a strict skin care regimen. For some men with rosacea they would have to sacrifice not being able to join extreme sports, exercise and other outdoor activities. Drinking sessions with buddies may be difficult for men with rosacea. Dating is also something that tends to be difficult for some men who suffer from rosacea. Flushed and inflamed skin is something that most women do not find particularly attractive.

Rosacea is a skin condition triggered by flushing and inflammation of the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. Extreme cases of rosacea could spread to the chest area. Rosacea usually affects men between the ages of 30-60. However, there are rare cases of rosacea in children as young as 8 years old. Rosacea is triggered by many things including sun exposure, extreme weather conditions, alcoholic beverages, chocolates and other foods high in niacin.

Men with rosacea often do not know they have this skin condition because they often brush it aside. They think the flushing is just a natural reaction of the skin to the weather or because of their workout. They do not seek medical attention because for a lot of men they think that the redness will eventually go away. Rosacea if left untreated does not go away, rather it can get worse.

Rhinophyma is a type of rosacea that affects more men than women. This type of rosacea is characterized by an enlargement of the nose which causes the appearance of a bulbous and reddened nose. This is a severe form of rosacea that is caused by non-treatment. Extreme cases of Rhinophyma can cause vision and breathing problems.

If your skin is often flushed and you see blood vessels on the surface of your skin it is best to consult your doctor or dermatologist. There is nothing to be ashamed about rosacea. There are many types of treatment for men with rosacea. There are natural treatments, laser treatments and home remedies that men can try to reduce the redness and other symptoms of rosacea.

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